5 ways to evangelize when you are not an “Evangelist.”


Evangelism is a bit of a scary word. It conjures up visions of going door to door, awkwardly interjecting “Baby Jesus” into every conversation. All of those things are scary, I agree. So, maybe it’s time to stop using that word, “evangelize.” The word evangelize is not in the Bible, so there is no sacredness to it. I’m not the first to suggest this. Others have stopped saying “evangelize” and started saying things like “sharing your faith” and “introducing people to Jesus”.  You’ve heard most of these, so I can stop. What if we even skipped those and just said “share our lives with others?”

I know that sounds very human, not Jesus focused, and I agree.  But think of it this way. If Jesus is our number one priority; if we fully find our identity in Jesus; if Jesus is your passion; then if we simply share our lives, wouldn’t we be sharing Jesus? Wouldn’t we be sharing our faith? Wouldn’t we be evangelizing?

I want to help you and help me do this better. Here are 5 things to help you get out and share your life (your life that is fully devoted to Jesus) with those who need him most.

1 Invite people into your home. Here’s the truth: Most Christians are great at inviting people into their home… as long as those people are already believers. Inviting someone into your home is an intimate invite, which easily translates to sharing what’s most important.

2 Volunteer. Volunteering in your church is super important and it’s a biblical mandate. But volunteering in your community is a great way to share your life. Guys! Are you still reading? Guys build relationships better shoulder to shoulder rather than face to face. Working and accomplishing something together is the way guys share best. Volunteer outside the church.

3 Join community sports. Softball, pickle ball, golf or a cycling club, it doesn’t really matter. When you share an activity that you are passionate about it’s easy to share a God you are passionate about. Again, this works really well for guys.

4 Ask great questions. One of my favorite questions to ask people in a coffee shop is “What are you reading?” Countless great conversations have come out of that one.  Other great questions are “Tell me about your kids” and “What’s the best and worst thing in your week so far?”

5 Pray. Pray that God would bring you into the lives of those who don’t know Jesus and vice versa. God is the one who is in control, and He orchestrates our lives and answers our prayers. Prayer, too, focuses us on what’s important. It turns our radar on to those with needs of all kinds, especially spiritual need.

Each and every believer has been given the Great Commission and we are all called to “go and make disciples.” But we will all do it differently. We need to do it differently, because everyone is different! One, two or even three of these ideas above might be your next step in making disciples. Maybe you have some ways of your own. Please share them in the comments below and we’ll help each other share what is most important with a searching world.


About the Author
Before becoming the lead Pastor of Valley, Craig was the family Pastor at Valley for three years. The decade before, God used him in youth and family ministry as well as camping ministry in great state of Washington. Craig loves to teach deep truths about God in ways that are understandable, life changing and sometimes funny. He is also passionate about encouraging Jesus-followers to invest in the lives of friends and neighbors here in BV and around the world…not to make a point, but to make a difference. Craig met his wife Diana in third grade and they were great friends growing up. God has blessed Craig and Diana with two girls, Mia and Lynn, and two boys, Cody and Jace. Craig enjoys outdoor pursuits of all kinds, but backcountry skiing is his favorite. Craig loves God, Diana, his family, the Church, and wilderness – in that order.
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    It’s hard to find well-informed people on this subject,
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