Prayer, a time of pure awesomeness


I was in the Roastery the day after Paddlefest here in Buena Vista – If you are not from around here, Paddlefest is a super fun weekend that celebrates all the amazing fun we get to have here on the Arkansas River. One of the big draws is the freestyle kayaking competition. There are all kinds of divisions from kids to pros – but back to the Roastery.

In walks three young competitors, probably middle school or younger. I know they were competitors by what they were talking about and by the “Paddlefest Competitor” t-shirts they were wearing. As they were ordering their hot cocoas in walked Dane Jackson. Go ahead and google him, I’ll wait. He is arguably the best kayaker in the world. He orders his drink- probably a Dirty Hippie, they are amazing.

As he waits for his drink he either feels these kids’ eyeballs staring at the back of his Red Bull hat or hears their jaws collectively hit the ground in the amazement of being in the presence of pure awesomeness. So he hops up and walks over to them, introduces himself and strikes up a conversation about kayaking. The conversation lasts only until his drink is ready. He says goodbye and walks out the door.

The baby kayakers did not walk out of the Roastery, they floated. They all had an expression of “I can’t believe he talked to me.” I could tell they left inspired to be better kayakers and pumped that someone that awesome took the time to not only talk to them but to listen to them.

When was the last time you left a prayer time feeling that way? Like you were in the presence of awesomeness? You floated away from a conversation with God? You said amen and left inspired to be better, not just a better Christian, but better everything. It’s been a while for me too.

This week start your prayer time with acknowledging the pure awesomeness of God. Remind yourself who God is. Remind God who you think He is. Be amazed that an amazing God welcomes you into His presence and listens to your prayers.


By the way, this is not my original idea, it’s Jesus’:

Matthew 6: 9, 10 (NIV)

“This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,

Hallowed be your name,

Your kingdom come,

Your will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.”

About the Author
Before becoming the lead Pastor of Valley, Craig was the family Pastor at Valley for three years. The decade before, God used him in youth and family ministry as well as camping ministry in great state of Washington. Craig loves to teach deep truths about God in ways that are understandable, life changing and sometimes funny. He is also passionate about encouraging Jesus-followers to invest in the lives of friends and neighbors here in BV and around the world…not to make a point, but to make a difference. Craig met his wife Diana in third grade and they were great friends growing up. God has blessed Craig and Diana with two girls, Mia and Lynn, and two boys, Cody and Jace. Craig enjoys outdoor pursuits of all kinds, but backcountry skiing is his favorite. Craig loves God, Diana, his family, the Church, and wilderness – in that order.
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