Q&A about adding a second worship service

1. Why do we need two services?

The biggest reason we need to go to two services is because we want to reach more people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. In our culture and community, when you add options, you add participants. We are nearing our capacity in our Worship Center. Most Sundays, if a family of 4 arrives late they will not be able to sit together.

2. Won’t two services divide Valley and make us two churches?

Going to two services at Valley is not about “dividing”—it’s about multiplying! Two services will double our capacity and double impact. It is up to each of us to make sure we are not divided.

3. Will we offer two different styles of worship?

Our worship style is always progressing and we do our best to match the unique style here in Buena Vista. Right now, we believe offering different worship styles would not help us reach those far from God here in Buena Vista. Also, we believe that one style of worship will help us stay one congregation.

4. What if my friends go to a different service than me?

Good news, you get to make more friends! We’re already too big for us to know everyone’s name in the worship service. But that’s OK—we don’t have to know each other’s name to benefit from worshiping with each other. Friendships have always flourished best in Valley Connection classes, Small Groups and Ministry teams, and we are planning on those being stronger than ever!

5. How will this impact our Children’s Ministries?

We will start off this spring by offering essentially the same thing we offer now. A 9:00 full hour Valley Connection for kids and a Children’s Church during the 10:45 service. By offering children’s ministry during both hours, parents can choose a worship time that fits their family. By adding a service people will not have to choose between investing in the next generation or worshiping with their faith family. More people will get to say YES to kids ministry!

6. Will this require change to our building?

No and yes. No, it is not required. Yes, the building will change to help security and unity. Our foyer is much too small. The foyer is where friendships are made and friendships are what help people get plugged in and growing. We are working hard to develop space in our foyer.

(More to come on that)

7. What if this completely fails?

We like to say, “Everything is an experiment.” This will be too. We feel that we need to give it a full 12 months to do a proper evaluation. So we are going to give it our absolute best for one year.

8. How will this impact me?

Two services will increase your worship options, minister more effectively to kids, and make you part of something God is using to bring more people to Himself. It will make it easier to invite unchurched friends. Now that we have twice as many services it doubles the chance they will say yes!

9. What will it take to pull this off?

Lots! It will take lots of prayer, lots of patience, and lots of help from everyone! We’ll need more than 15 new ministry positions filled, from greeters to children’s church leaders and helpers. If you don’t have a ministry at Valley now, you probably will before this is over. Our whole church will need to be united and invested together in serving God and reaching people.

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